It starts with fact finding, followed by researching the Category, Competition, Benchmarks,Target Audience and their Digital Consumption. Then combine them to build an optimized marketing strategy.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Based on the business objectives, we set goals and to achieve them, we assign each of them a KPI. Channels are efficiently chosen, based on the target audience and their digital personas.


“A good idea is 10% inspiration and 90% implementation.”
Efficient Media Buying = Maximum Deliverables, we take pride in claiming this. Through Analytics, we constantly monitor and optimize the KPIs for maximum ROI possible. We strive hard to overdeliver on set goals.


“Positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”
Once the campaign is over, doesn’t mean we pack up and move on, we tackle some critical post-campaign analysis, followed by a long-term solution for the brands based on the data and numbers delivered.

Consider us, and we will do the rest.


Digital is a Cost Efficient Medium

CPT (Cost Per Thousand) is a marketing metric used to calculate the cost to reach one thousand people or households via a given advertising medium. It is abbreviated as CPM where M stands for mille (Roman numeral for 1000). It is mainly used metric to calculate the efficiency of a campaign across media channels (viz. Television, Print, Radio, Internet).













The statistics and figures have been calculated taking into account industry standards, benchmarks and Born Pixels insights.





Like the day of your marriage or the first day on a new job, the first impression lasts for a long time on the minds of the people; Similarly, every brand, big or small needs to make that initial impression to make a powerful impact, so much so that it occupies the mindspace of the people and establishes a strong connection.

Being into the consideration set of consumers is one thing, being their preference is the priority. And to achieve this, it’s absolutely essential to be present on the most apt platforms and through the most relevant channels. This will also help to sustain in the long run.

So let’s make an impression, and the one which is an everlasting one !




The backbone of any good campaign is a thorough research. We use the best research tools to swim through the sea of numbers and tons of data, eventually coming out with the prized catch, CRITICAL INSIGHTS !


The essence of strategy is choosing the right thing. We help you to build a solid strategy around your marketing goals and objectives; conducting an extensive analysis of the situation and implementing a proper action plan.


Maximizing output, minimizing input; that’s one ethos we truly strive upon. Driving efficiency and continuously optimizing is always the top priority, thereby making the deal a value-for-money proposition and delivering optimum ROI.




Born Pixels Media: A Digital Marketing Agency based in Mumbai

Born Pixels Media & Solutions Pvt Ltd was incepted on 3rd February 2016, with an aim of providing Digital Marketing solutions to various companies, organizations and brands alike. We are a team of highly motivated, aptly skilled, enthusiastic individuals, having valuable experience in the fields of Marketing Communications and Advertising.

Our journey has enriched and empowered us while providing an opportunity to work with very reputed brands across diverse sectors like BFSI, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Education and various Start-Ups. We always strive to provide the best services and aim to associate on a long-term duration.

The story of public Internet access in India goes back to the year 1995, when on the 15th of August that year, VSNL introduced the services to this great nation. By the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000, only 0.5% of the Indian population had access to Internet facilities. Circa 2016, the number has grown to 373 million, with a growth rate of 28%, and the number is only going to grow.

Owing to the above statistics, the Digital platform of Marketing has become a very important factor for all the brands and marketers to include in their media plans. With benefits like cost efficiency, vast reach, absence of geophysical barriers and real time tracking it has become a very attractive and value for money proposition.


Services offered

At Born Pixels Media, we offer advertising services like Brand Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC) services, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM).

We go step-by-step through the entire process of strategizing, planning, execution and optimizing & evaluation. Apart from the regular standard packages of services we offer, we also develop customized solutions by picking and choosing very relevant options which would be the most suitable to the client’s needs.

Owing to the above statistics, the Digital platform of Marketing has become a very important factor for all the brands and marketers to include in their media plans. With benefits like cost efficiency, vast reach, absence of geophysical barriers and real time tracking it has become a very attractive and value for money proposition.


Advantages of Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing scores over other mediums of Marketing in many ways. Some of the key advantages are:

Cost Efficient

Digital Marketing will save you a substantial amount of money on advertising budgets over other traditional channels of marketing like TV, Print, Radio, OOH thereby providing the cost efficiency factor. The lower cost of advertising means that it could possibly have a larger share of the advertising budget pie or altogether replace the medium.

Global Reach

Digital Marketing provides global reach to the advertisers and brands which allows them to operate and cater to audiences that are out of their geographical confines. This opens up avenues for extensive expansion and rapid growth.

Real time monitoring

Digital Marketing allows to track and measure key data insights in real time unlike other traditional methods. Critical data points like number of visitors, subscribers, traffic source, demographic slicing of the visitors, conversion rate, bounce rate can help a marketer to modify the strategy and accordingly alter the campaign and accordingly.

Advanced Tools & Multiple Targeting Options

The databases and tools used for targeting on the digital medium are far more sophisticated and advanced as compared to traditional media tools whose databases could be slightly outdated and also not collated properly. Unlike traditional media wherein the targeting options are limited, Digital Marketing platforms provides multiple level of targeting options which enables the brand to slice and dissect the demography and reach very segmented audiences.

Audience Engagement & Brand Building

Social Media allows the brand to engage its consumers via attractive content; thereby also facilitating the brand to interact and communicate with its consumers. Digital platform overall help in the Brand Building process via testimonials, user reviews; these factors help in building the reputation and also generate goodwill.

Competitive Analysis

Internet tools help in determining the online strategies and activities of the competitors, lending the brand an advantage of capitalizing on their shortcomings. It gives an opportunity to modify the campaign strategy and gain a upper hand while also reaching out to more consumers.

Superior Conversion Rate

The conversion ratio on the online medium is much faster compared to traditional channels of marketing and advertising because of instant call to action like clicks. Also the consumer is not time bound and could be reached out to, at any given point of time.

Overall 360-degree coverage

Often, the Internet campaigns that gain virality and popularity are also covered by offline mediums. So, a popular hashtag which is gaining virality on Twitter or a music video garnering lots of streams on YouTube is also a popular news item on TV or is covered in Print. Such coverage sometimes also generates additional traffic to the website or portal and gives the brand fresh infusion of unique visitors.


Digital Marketing – A Level Playing Field

That advertising campaigns and marketing activities have been a thing for only the brands with big budgets have been a de facto, that was until Digital Marketing came along and changed the game completely.

Brand with big monies have been ruling the roost in traditional platforms where a small company or a start-up company might get dissuaded looking at the cost that it would incur to advertise on something like a TV or Print. But with the advent of Digital technologies, the so called “SMEs” or “Start-ups” are now in the same league as the big boys, since they are brushing shoulders with each other on the Digital Marketing platforms. In fact, there are some specialized “Digital Marketing agency for Start-ups” who are mostly catering to only the small-to-medium companies and start-up firms.

Compared to the traditional mediums, the ticket price to enter the Digital platform is relatively low, couple that with factors like better cost-efficiency, wider reach, instant call-to-action and redefined brand-consumer interaction, we have a medium which has created a level playing field for all.


Digital Marketing – The Future ?

A couple of decades ago, any mention of Digital Marketing would have met with strange glares and straight faces, fast forward to present day and almost everyone is looking forward to be a part of this constantly rampaging juggernaut. Internet, the most beautiful thing ever created, has engaged not only individuals but also businesses and it is only getting stronger by the day.

From the Internet boom that we witnessed in the 1990s which spawned a plethora of Internet companies like Yahoo, Rediff, Google to the “millennials” like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, we have come a long way. The Internet has enriched our lives. All important and famous people, have embraced the digital platform to have a digital footprint, and along with them, the Internet has carved out a few famous figures of its own, “Internet Personalities” as they are called.

Technology has continuously evolved over the past decades with Email, Social Networks, Search Engines, Streaming sites at al being a part of our daily routine. While all these are present day factors, the Internet is churning out and spawning latest phenomenons like AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), Chatbots, AI based applications, IOT (Internet Of Things). In a few years from now, there will be something else. Like all other great manmade inventions, Digital came, conquered all and it definitely is the Future.