Mobile Marketing Agency


According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) study database in August 2017, India has 948 million mobile subscribers making it the medium with highest penetration and reach. Also, India’s exponential rise of smartphone makes it the second largest smartphone market globally. Simply put, Mobile Marketing is future.

Mobile Marketing is a form of digital marketing to reach the audience on their mobiles, smartphones, feature phones, tablets and other forms of handheld devices. We create marketing strategy based on the psychography of the mobile audience, design content with mobile platforms in mind and make strategic use of mobile media to get the desired results.

With multi-level targeting options available, the chances of media wastage is absolutely minimal and delivers the marketing communication in the most effective way.

We offer the following services in Mobile Advertising

         SMS Marketing
         In-App Advertising
         Mobile Game Integration
         Mobile App Installation
         Whatsapp Marketing
         Outbound Dialing, IVR and Pre-call Announcements