search engine marketing company

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a method of Internet Marketing in which websites are promoted through paid advertising. This method helps in increasing the visibility of the website on search engine result pages.

Globally, Google constitutes for almost 86.87% share amongst the top search engines, followed by Bing at 5.11%, Yahoo at 3.94% and Baidu at 0.87%, other players constitute the rest of the share. Owing to these statistics Google is the leader and has dominated the search engine market, empaneling more than 2 million websites under its network, and the number is only growing.

The process of SEM is very streamlined which consists of the following steps:

         Campaign Objectives & Strategy

We initiate the process by understanding the business objectives for the campaign, post which we design a foolproof strategy basis the media brief for the same.

         Website Analysis

A thorough audit of the website or landing page is conducted for any technical loopholes.
Its also necessary to ensure that the website is indexed by the search engines.

         Keyword Research

We undertake a very extensive research to identify the most relevant keywords to get the targeting right.
We identify which short-tail or head keywords and long-tail keywords will be the most suitable for the campaign.
Likewise, non-relevant keywords are dumped in the negative keywords lists.

         Campaign Management

A bid is set at the keyword level, followed by creating ad copies and assigning them to the relevant ad groups, they are also evaluated for factors like quality score.
The campaign is initiated, post setting up daily budgets which are set basis the campaign objectives.
Constant monitoring is done to optimize the campaign to deliver maximum ROI.

         Data Tracking

The campaign data is tracked via the Analytics panel of the relevant search engine and key highlights and valuable insights are deduced out of it.
Campaign modifications are done like focusing more on high performing keywords, diverting budgets to the relevant keywords which are important.
Data reports are generated for timely evaluation of the campaign.