Social Media Marketing Agency


Leveraging the power of Social Media, you can elevate your audience and build a life-long customer base. In today’s day and age, it has become quintessential for each brand to be present and build an identity in Social Media for it to spread its wings.

We at Born Pixels are there to take complete charge of your social media marketing mandate. We help brands communicate and engage with their consumers. We build our social media strategies by reaching the right people at the right time with the most insightful content.

Also with an access to the latest Social Media listening tools, we track conversations around specific topics, keywords, brands and industries and leverage these insights into creating the content most suitable for your brand.


Social Media Marketing Services


Brand Awareness & Reach

We spread awareness about your brand and help it to attain maximum reach.

Lead Generation

We engage consumers to develop interest and generate enquiries for your product or service.

Traffic Generation

Through the campaign, we drive relevant traffic to your website or landing page.

Audience Engagement

By developing interactive content, we engage the audience on social media thereby developing brand reputation.

App Installations

We design app install campaigns through organic and paid sources.

Video views

We promote videos which could be a product launch video, consumer stories, explainer infographic videos to promote your brand.

Hashtag Marketing

The best way to be in conversations of social circles with the added virality factor.

Catalogue Sales

Best suited for E-commerce platforms to promote their products from their product catalogue to the relevant target audience.

Store Visits

To drive footfalls in the brick & mortar stores and to promote multiple business locations.

Contests & Surveys

A very essential activity to engage audience and generate valuable feedback and user reviews for product and service enhancement.


We help to get audience conversions in the form of buying or selling the product.


We provide valuable insights and deduce key data points to help you grow your business.


Social Media Marketing Platforms



With more than 210 million Indian users and counting, and its hundreds of targeting audience options, it is imperative for any brand to use this medium to its optimum value. And this is where we add value to the brand with our expertise and experience. We don’t just increase your page likes, but we design content which is engaging the right audience at the right time.


Instagram is the next big thing in Social Media and is absolutely a rage amongst younger audience. Having more than 16 million Indian users along with accurate targeting options of Facebook ad network, Instagram is a home for many advertisers targeting younger audience. We do a thorough background research and create content to build personality of the brand and leverage that to meet our business objectives.


India has the fastest growing user base for Twitter with more than 26 million users. Twitter is a platform to get that coveted virality factor; enhance and boost your brand via hashtag and viral marketing, thereby being the talk of the town or nation and appearing in the internet conversations of multiple users and key influencers alike.


LinkedIn is a great platform to engage with professional circles and drive action to achieve the business objectives. It has connected more than 46 million Indian Professionals in a single platform. And with an accurate targeting option available on LinkedIn it becomes a vital option to advertise on for all the businesses handling mainly B2B and big-ticket B2C clients.


Being the second largest search engine after Google itself, YouTube makes a perfect platform to be present on to create an impact in the minds of people. It is the most premium host for visual content and the most important advertising channel on the web at present. And with videos being one of the most shared content on social media, it is imperative for any brand to advertise on YouTube.


Google Plus is the fastest growing social network in the world. It is the most important social media platform to be present from SEO perspective. With Google laying the most importance to local business in terms of SEO, Google plus business page made with proper research can be a gamechanger for any small to medium enterprise.